Tuesday, December 24, 2013


pronunciation :pro·cras·ti·nate
is a word that best describe attitude of delaying important matters

what does that word has to do with this post?
well i felt that attitude has been with me since school years and i would like to leave that attitude now
been searching around about procrastination,and it is a bad attitude that a student could have
well i'm not a student currently,i'm a freeloader
but still,you think after graduating high school you going to change and after a while meeting
your former schoolmates,it's going to be all joyous,but to go to that stage,it's still a long way to go
and procrastination is similar to a limit in yourself,like when you are running or exercising,
you have to go over the limit to gain stamina or result of the activity unless you want to stuck up
doing the same routine and gain only a portion of the result .
i say i should change this attitude,what about you?

hope i can change it,
btw i passed the computer test ,
got 49/50,maybe because the questions that came up on the computer is easy,
and yes,i only read the book one day before exam after delaying for about 4 days,
the kelas teori which i supposed to go last week is still a dream because ..
i'm procrastinating

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