Friday, September 30, 2011

PMR 2 Days To Go

Guys,only 2 days looollll..
BM...settle dah kot...
Agama x settle lagi...
BI ...not yet
Geo...sikit lagi..
Sejarah..same as Geo
KH....Parah lagi
Mat...agak settle...

k guys ,wish all pmr candidates and me a BIGGGG Good Luck..


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hari Malaysia

Tomorrow is Malaysia Day!
This very day 48 years ago,
Malaysia was formed

Malaysia,consists of Semenanjung,Sabah And Sarawak have 
unite to form an independent country called Malaysia!


R U Prepared?

So guys... there only like 18 days to the Big day!!
how will u guys deal with these?
i encouraged u guys to stop reading books now and start doing some exercises because that way is easier for us to understand the question better and help us to accustomed to the questions.. Now,try to relax as we already did our best and do not scare to PMR as it is something we,Malaysian,had to take... So,i'm sure many of us already decide to move to boarding SBP and MTB application already out..
So!Good Luck!
96'Boys And Girls!