Thursday, May 26, 2011

Exam !Over?Summary!?

okay ni serba sedikit psai my exam week !

BI 2
susah?tak pon
SC 2
Sangat senang(soalan past year tuu)
SC 1
teramat-amat-amat la senang!!

BM 2
yahoo bahagian A,B,D seronok..bahagian C macam biasa buat cita laa..takda benda len aq nak buat cita jaaa keja maklumlah imaginasi penuh!
BM 1
BI 1
Okay what interesting is there a story about japanase folktale about a miracle water then come a question about what is the story about

i pick a

Math 2
man easy gulai gulai la katakan
math 1
lagi la senang

Damn!so hard!!!but easy laa
didn't know what to do!

just read what Miss World tell me
just come out 2 out of 7
Ini arr..tak kisah sangat dah men hentam jaaaaa....dengan cikgu zainol dok buat bising jadi laa hentaman yang berjaya mendapat jawapan yg betul

soo tu la summary bout exam week saya..


Sunday, May 15, 2011


last post for today is about Pradipraj Singh ,my ninja's school junior..

we went together at the age of 14 and we terserempak lepas tu we ambik shuriken baling2 pastu kena pala tok guru..rambur dia gugur abes..kesian dia..pastu kitorang kena denda cuci lantai setahun then kitorang baru belajar ..dia ambik ilmu ninja penipu org ilmu ni susah gak ambek ilmu ninja Pedaje orang..lagi susah oooo

So anyway pradip we know that the above story is just a make up..anyway thank u for being my friend

Maisarah?Hockey Player?Granddaughter?Cokodok Eating Grandchild?

Today's fifth post is about a taken girl, you all can reah she's taken by..ask her la..
as far as i know she was a goodchild ,a educated person and blabla blabla

and she like to read novel...romantic ones..and she's like that Justin Bieber
and she has a cat name Wiggy arr?that cat is not as cute as mine Tokwan's cat though..(sorry)..

well that's all !tq.later i will edit

Hakimin?An Atlete?Brother or Grandson In Law?

ok fourth post,now about my junior,Hakimin.sorry this boy already taken laa
straight to the point...

How do i know Him?
Well his brother was a friend of my friend that's how i know him

What's Special About Him?
Name:well all of his sibling name start with 'H'
Personality:yeah what i like bout him..sporting
Other:He was an

So this is post about Hakimin..and i repeat !HE'S TAKEN!!

Nurain Farhana!A Netballer?A Debater?A Rider?

today's third post about a friend of mine Nurain Farhana...the first time i meet her she was tall..then now..haha no comment..then the first time i met her she was a she was a netballer, a debater and just became a rider!Congrats Sis,and arr arr.well she was intelligent than me of course..but as stated in Science form 3 Chapter 5..Girls do grow physical and mental faster than what the problem?and now she is an amazing person in my eyes.

Well Nurain..this is the only things that i know about your succession history...hope you will sucess in your life!and i more you are the first female friend i had when i transfer to Kulim

Ashraf!A Golfer or ?

Woaa..Second Post,okay what boring about Ashraf or Acap or mat Cap ..k this boy is someone amazing! first he is amazing ,second he is sporting,thirdly he is a religous man,fourthly see the baby that's him well 12 years ago he is handsome...and he is a golfer..well quite amazing right?

and that's all ,P/S Mat Acap sorry 4 posting this without permission
Syed Saying"Majukan Sukan Untuk Negara"
But i say" Majukan Golf untuk Acap'!!!

Zarul Is a Rider?True Or False?

Today 's post is about a boy who dream to become a rider He is no other than
Zarul Ikhmar..
a little bit history how he dream to become a rider..he told me that his friend Ammar
has tell him about bicycle and that's how he like bicycle further leading to a dream of becoming a rider

And now active in cycling..anyway good luck ,CU!

Monday, May 9, 2011


before i start today's post..
this is the definition of word (in Malay)
Perkataan ialah unit bahasa yang membawa erti dan terdiri dari satu atau lebih morfem yang saling diikat rapat, serta membawa nilai fonetik. Lazimnya sesuatu perkataan terdiri dari kata akar atau kata dasar yang diiringi atau tanpa diiringi imbuhan. Perkataan boleh digabung agar dijadikan ungkapan, klausa dan ayat. Perkataan yang terdiri dari gabungan dua atau lebih kata dasar menjadi kata majmuk, manakala gabungan cebis-cebisan perkataan pula dipanggil kata lakur. did u all notice a single word can make someone happy,sad,angry,shy and some other expression .

First examples..
when a attrative boy say to a girl:
Please ******* with me
the girl will feel happy(mostly)

then a girl say to her friend:
u r *****
The friend will(Slap her,hug her)

and that's is enough examples..

back to the point..
today i'm gonna tell u all a secret (not really) of word..there is no trace of beginning of word..and without a word we cannot interact with other living things(Science)

..okay that's all

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Class

today post is about my class..

my class consists of 28 students + 1 teacher

This year,our class teacher is Cikgu Zainol
As usual,the monitor was Wahida

This year we had a chance where our Vice monitor was a guy1
yeah he was Syed Mohd Syafiq Bin Syed Putra better known as Syed by everyone

As usual(too)we do not have new member of the class

Well that's normal for our class.

My Class consists of 25 Malays and 3 Indians

We only have 6 Guys In the classroom..

While the rest are girls..

This year(2011)is our final year together..i hope we can make a precious memories that we will remember forever!