Wednesday, July 27, 2011


long time no post..
about hari sukan..was held on 21 July 2011
yeah..although i didn't tired at all..
for some reason other people are..

for that day after kawad..
just lingering around waiting for "Mangsa"..
accompany me was MR.SMS...
after kawad Cikgu S request us todistibute some drinks to atlete and St.John Memeber..

after 4..
we are at the field ..still waiting for orang nak pengsan la katakan
yeah around the time while taking off my Non Smelly shoes some junior came into the PC room..
1 of them are running next...but he injured..pity him..but i can see his Atletism..
still running on the hot weather...
yeah for about 1 hour 30 minutes i walk around the school without something protecting my 12-size foot....
"Uniting with Nature "(Pemalas pakai kasut)

after solat Asar still got a long time la bro...
yeah for some reason Mr SMS and i keep hearing a same person's name...
she was my acquaintance's sister ..she keep breaking the record..

so skip laa..x larat taip..

the closing ceremony was damn slow...
we had to form U shaped circle..

yeah all of the winner r amazing but can u walk fast....

the ceremony was 1 hour and 21 minutes laa....

so that's all..malas taip

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